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The membership year is 28th March till 27th March the following year.

Yearly Membership Fee's due for renewal shall be paid no later than 27th March.

  1. When approaching or leaving the Park Entrance vehicles must take care when parking to unlock or lock the gate post

  2. Low Speed Limit of 5 MPH in Park Grounds. Vehicle hazard lights should be operated when driving within Park. Vehicles must Give Way to pedestrians, wildlife and animals.

  3. On Entering or Leaving Park Vehicles must NOT stop and be left unattended on Sloping Ramp when unlocking/locking Gate Post. Vehicle must be stopped on Level Ground, engine off and doors secure.

  4. All drivers to request assistance from another member (when present) to safely guide a vehicle when reversing. On "Event Days" Traffic Controllers Used X 2 In High Visibility Jackets

  5. All Vehicles driver/passenger doors to be kept closed when parked. Van and Hatchback doors to be closed when vehicle is unattended.

  6. General Good Housekeeping. Required at lakeside. Boats and equipment should not be left unattended on ground. Items kept close to rear of vehicle when preparing boats. When Parking at water’s edge Vehicles must leave a minimum distance of 3 metres (10ft) between Vehicle and water’s edge to allow safe passage of pedestrians.

  7. Members should exercise caution against slipping and avoid patches of water, wildlife excrement and ice on pathways/hard standing.

  8. Members should exercise caution when launching and retrieving boats. Avoid overreaching to retrieve models. Members should request assistance from other members if required. Model Lifting Straps Recommended...

  9. If Senior Members decide to enter the water they do so at their own risk. Precautions must be taken. Fisherman’s Waders should be worn, a Safety Line used and a second person should be present at the Lakeside... DO NOT enter the water alone. Wear the appropriate equipment. Never enter the water barefoot.

  10. Members should Cleanse hands with an appropriate hand cleansing gel (Sanitizer) after handling boats retrieved from the water. This is important especially before handling Food or Drink.

  11. Charging of Lipo batteries should be carried out at the Members home. Where charging is to be carried out at the lake side, appropriate chargers and Lipo charging pouches or boxes must be used. This should be carried out away from parked vehicles.

  12. The Security of the Lakeside entrance post is paramount; each member must ensure the post is secured on entering and leaving the Lakeside.

  13. Members may Only Enter the Lakeside with a Vehicle when intending to sail. NO Boat, NO Entry.

  14. Parking shall be in 2 lines only. One nearest Lakeside, and on other side of hard standing.

  15. Members "Car Passes" MUST be displayed in Vehicle Windscreen. (Council Requirement)

  16. Offensive language or behaviour will not be tolerated at the Lakeside, or other Club activities. Such behaviour may result in expulsion from the Club.

  17. Junior members under the age of 16 yrs. must be supervised by a parent or guardian when attending all Club activities.

  18. All marine craft must be sailed with due consideration to other members models, the General Public and lake wildlife.

  19. All transmitters with extending aerials must have eye protection fitted at their tip. This should be the approximate size of a table tennis ball.

  20. Wilful damage to property under jurisdiction of the Club will not be tolerated, nor any misdemeanour, considered by the officers to be against the interest of the Club.

  21. Members displaying models do so at their own risk. The Club will not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to any member’s property or model howsoever caused.

  22. Members operating radio equipment other than 2.4MHz must check and inform other like members to avoid duplication of Radio Frequencies.

  23. The use of Internal Combustion Engine (IC) or Steam Boiler Marine craft is not allowed

  24. Club regular Sailing Times are Tuesdays and Saturdays 10am till 1pm. Members may sail outside of these times. However, Club Members must not sail on a Sunday Between 10 am and 1pm or when notified by Club Officers, due to lake being used by other Clubs or events.

  25. Health and safety, generally it is expected that every member operates in a safe and proper manner so as not to endanger, compromise or injure any other club member, the general public, wildlife or property. As we all know it is not at times easy to launch our boats at our lakeside, therefore please make sure you have the relevant slings or lifting or launching devices to not compromise any health or safety, if you need help please ask for it. In regard to oils or greases used in the use of model boats, it is recommended that only mineral based oils and greases be used, so as not to permanently damage the environment that we operate ind.


REGULATIONS (Legal requirements)


  1. Strictly, only 27 & 40 MHz & 2.4 GHz. radio control sets are allowed

  2. An appropriate frequency flag must be flown on the transmitter aerial. These are coloured for the 27 MHz, and green with the frequency number in white letters for the 40 MHz


Anyone wishing to seek clarification on any of these rules and regulations should ideally contact the Club Secretary


*Remember* Access to the lake with vehicles is a privilege authorized by The Council. Please don’t abuse that privilege. Don’t leave Litter, bin it!!

Vale of Glamorgan Model Boat Club Rules (2020)
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