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Loyal Watcher by Graham Griffiths : Page 2

Scale 1:24 Beam 280mm Length 1015mm

​The model is based on Loyal Moderator as she was in August 1980. Photographs taken at that time of Loyal Mediator and Loyal Helper show them to be almost identical to Loyal Moderator. It is fair to assume that the other vessels of the Loyal Class, at that time, were not too dissimilar.


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Vessels in LOYAL Class

Loyal Helper (A157). Loyal Supporter (A158). Loyal Watcher (A159). Loyal Volunteer (A160).

Loyal Mediator (A161). Loyal Moderator (A220). Loyal Chancellor (A1770).

Loyal Proctor (A1771). The numbers in brackets are pennant numbers as 1985.


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